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Tuesday 18 April 2017

Retirement Calculator

As in last post I have discussed about the financial freedom. I have created a excel calculator which tells that if we have saved our 30% of household income then it would be sufficient to replace household income in 15 years. Shocked? But it true that it will be enough to generate income same as our salary in just fifteen years.

For this calculation, I have consider continuous 8% growth in income per year and 15% return on investment per year which quite possible with equity exposure. And I have assume 8% safe return on investment after retirement.

As you can see that I have taken 10000 as starting salary per month in second column. In fourth column there is compounded value of saving assuming we have invested the savings with a return of 15% per year. And in fifth column there is monthly income if we have kept our corpus as 8% per year to generate regular income. And in last column shows the balanced amount need to be generated for income.

You can download the file here.

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