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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Update Contact Details on Income Tax Site

Now it is essential to update contact details as address, mobile number and email address by taxpayers on Income tax e-filing web site. This will enable the income tax department  to serve the notice if any to us in a timely manner. Whenever you change your mobile number or email address you need to update on Income tax website. To do this you need to login to .On login it will prompt you for address, mobile number, and email address.

Once you update the information click on Continue button.The ITR system will generate OTPs and send to your email and your mobile number.

On successful validation, the system will display success message on screen. You will also receive an email with confirmation detail by income tax department.

If your profile is already updated system will not prompt anything on login. In that case, you can Go to Profile Setting and select My Profile tab and see your profile details. Apart from profile detail, you can also see Aadhaar detail and PAN details in My Profile section.

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