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Sunday 8 July 2018

Is Mutual Fund really risky?

Let's understand difference between Risk and Volatility.

If someone would have invested Rs. 100,000/- in popular scheme of MF in January 2008, the value in March 2009 was Rs. 45479/-  (-54.5% down)
(Those who withdraw here will end up making loss)

But do you know the value in November 2010 ? it was Rs. 136,687/- (200% up from March 2009).

Not only that, the value in January 2015 was Rs. 212855/- (55.7% up from November 2010)

But again in February 2016, it was Rs. 156398/- (-26.5% down from January 2015)

And 18th May 2018 value was Rs. 252049/-

But despite the roller coaster ride, from Jan 2008 to May 2018, Rs. 100,000/- has grown to Rs. 252,049 (152.05%)

Mutual fund is not risky but it is volatile.

Please do understand one thing...Give time to your investment to grow. Don’t jump on to conclusion by looking at 1 or 2 years return. Stay Invested!

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